Calhoun ClayThere is a lot to consider when commissioning a sculpture…take a moment to study an overview of the process. From design to the unveiling, we will go over all of the stages and their average time tables. Our artists and artisans work together to complete figurative and mixed media sculptures. We are committed to a precise, clean, high quality level of sculpting.

Every commission starts with a vision, a conversation, and research into who the sculptors are and what type of work they do. As the dialog progresses, there are questions that will determine wether the sculptors are right for the proposed project. Understanding how Sculpture Resource and many sculptors operate will help answer many of the questions.

As a commission moves forward, here is what to expect from Sculpture Resource:
We have been in communication to understand your vision, goals, and needs for this project. The pose has been selected to honor an influential individual as a life sized statue in bronze. A location has been determined as well as any enhancements to the site. Our graphic designer then renders the vision for the clients approval. Depending on how many committees or decision makers there are, all the details could be ironed out in as little as a few weeks to a few months.

An armature system is custom fabricated and a clay foundation is built up to ready for sculpting. This first stage for a life size figure at six feet tall generally takes two weeks for completion. Then the sculpting begins and can be ready for approval after three months. Once the clay has been accepted, the mold process starts. A mold for a life size figure will take seven days to create. With the mold completed, the foundry work begins. The art of casting bronze for a life size figure generally takes two months for a finished piece. From here, we are ready for the installation. A life size figure from start to finish can be completed in seven months.

Commissions for anniversaries, historical events and memorials are generally planed for a year in advance. Our staff at Sculpture Resource is ready to make your next work of art and look forward to working with you.