Life force Bas ReliefCast: Verb   Shape (metal or other materials) by pouring it into a mold while molten or in liquid state. Cast: Noun   An object made by shaping molten metal or similar materials in a mold.

Wether you want to make a cast yourself or have a cast made, Sculpture Resource can help to move your project forward.  Metal, glass, resins/plastics, plaster, concrete, wax, paper and food, can all be cast from molds.

Each project is unique in creating and producing a cast, therefor the methods used will vary as needed.  Many of the methods used will be highlighted in a series of upcoming blogs.  Among those methods to be covered are:

Wax casting via The lost wax process

Investment casting

Sand casting

Glass casting

Resin/Plastic casting

Our artisans and foundry professionals take great pride to create an exact replica of the artist’s work.  Contact us to discuss your particular cast needs, together we’ll discuss specifics about the pro and cons of certain materials, the flexibility and range of the mold used, among many other variables.   For DIY contact us for “tricks of the trade” and know-how to apply to your next project.

COMING SOON: Photos and descriptions of casting materials.