Life-sized and larger, we offer complete armature systems fabricated to fit the needs of the creative and technical processes. Strength, security, comfort, and portability are just a few of the considerations accounted for in creating an armature.

We start an armature by determining the final height of the bronze statue. The armature is  then constructed 1.5% larger to accommodate 1.5% of shrinkage in the bronze casting process.  The individual being sculpted is then studied to understand their unique body proportions.   For instance on average, the measurement of an adult head multiplied by 7.5 would equal that adult’s total height ( if  5’9″ or under ).   This kind of information, along with an understanding of anatomy is the foundation of armature building.  Learn more here about what goes into the making of an armature.

Lambeau Leap Sculpture Armatures

Lambeau Leap Sculpture

Armatures are fabricated out of metal and or wood to closely resemble the skeletal posture of the predetermined pose. A steel skeleton is made up of metal limbs (rods) that are cut to length in proportion to the height of the individual being sculpted. Each limb is positioned and welded at all the major joints to reflect the desired movement. The core (hips/ rib cage) of the armature are carefully positioned to capture the intended body language. As with any figurative statue, the portrait and likeness are the main focus. Our system allows for easy and comfortable access to the head and neck. Our armatures also anticipate the mold process by creating removable limbs for complex poses. Each armature comes with all the necessary supports and a movable platform.

Coming Soon:   Proportion charts and measurements for life-sized figures, including shrinkage measurements.