A Christmas Story: Triple Dog Dare

Sculpting Flick of A Christmas StoryThe movie, A Christmas Story, has been a holiday classic since its release in 1983. Jean Shepherd, the narrator and writer of the story, was raised in Hammond, Indiana and incorporated stories from his childhood into the film. Among the many stories that made it into the film, one scene stands out and was worthy of being replicated in bronze. Thereby, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority Center located in Hammond, with approval from Warner Brothers, commissioned a life sized statue to celebrate the spirit of the film for its thirtieth anniversary.

Oscar León, an artist of the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany, was selected to sculpt the well-known scene of Flick stuck on a flagpole. At the beginning of the project, news of the sculpture was announced to the public and became a delight for the many fans and Hammond residents. The South Shore CVA hosted a number of Christmas Story events in anticipation of the sculpture. Visitors to their Arts Appreciation Day were able to see the clay sculpture of Flick in progress on location. They also were able to watch and learn about the sculpting process and the lost wax method. Also, kids were invited and encouraged to create a small sculpture of their own at one of the art tables or to work on an existing clay bust that was set up for “community” sculpting. The event was highlighted in an article by the Post-Tribune. Christmas Story Flick Clay SculptureThe bronze was cast at Alchemist Foundry in Kalamazoo, MI and the finished sculpture was unveiled outside of the South Shore CVA on October 29, 2013. The sculpture was temporarily housed in a wooden crate with the words FRAGILE on the side (fans of the film will understand the reference) before being revealed amongst a large group of onlookers and media members. Actor Scott Schwartz (in photos below), who played Flick, was present to pose with the bronze sculpture. Flick sculpture unveiling

Christmas Story Sculpture